Your Assigned Tickets (or improved Guided mode views)


  • Totally agree. I feel Guided Mode is not ready for prime time because of how restricting it is.

    • No way to report on skipped tickets or at least tag them so managers/admins have an easy way to show which tickets were skipped or which agents are skipping the most.
    • Not every view should have Guided Mode enabled. For example, if an agent has tickets On-hold and they hear back from an engineer with a workaround, an agent has to click "Play" on a view and keep skipping until they find the on-hold ticket they are looking for. This is such a waste of time and suboptimal. Same for if an agent is looking for a specific Open ticket.
    • The "Your assigned tickets" view isn't edited to include On-hold tickets or grouped in a certain way to make it easier to find the ticket they're looking for.
  • Bryan Pascual

    I couldn't agree more with your suggestions.

    I was just looking for a way to achieve most of the things that Allen was talking about. It would be great to enable only specific views in Guided Mode. Maybe we could specify either multiple roles per person or change Guided mode to apply to a group rather than a role? I can see this as a fix to still allow agents a "Your unsolved tickets" view that would include On-Hold items while being unguided.

    Agent Group = Tier1 & Tier 2
    View1 -> Guided Tier 1 & Tier 2
    View 2 - > Unguided Tier 2

    That agent would see View 1 and View 2, but View 2 would be unguided as opposed to View 1, which is open to everyone in a guided view.

    Just a thought.

  • Jake Bowen

    Plus one. We build our guided mode views to be "one view to rule them all" as much as we can. It's confusing to reps when we'd like them to work out of the one queue that's tailored for them.

  • Tobias Hermanns



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