Making "Linked Problem" field required for incident tickets.


  • Elsa Coughlin

    I would like to second this request - as of 8/9/22 " Right now, Zendesk doesn't have any way to require an Incident Ticket to be linked to a Problem ticket. Even us here in Zendesk, do not have the capability to require an incident ticket to be linked to a Problem ticket." 

  • Kwaku Asamoah

    Agree with the above, we have agent's creating incidents without attaching it so they are not accounted for.

  • LPC Webmaster

    I agree.  I just asked the same thing of ZenDesk Support and was told "Upon further checking Problem-and-incident fields are system default and cannot be modified which means making it mandatory to be assigned is not possible as of the moment. What I can suggest is that you can add a mandatory check field box serving as a reminder that when they selected the Incident type they should assigned it to a Problem ticket."


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