Is there a way to get inbound and outbound SMS to be on the same ticket


  • Beto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Harley, thank you for your question!

    It is currently not possible to start SMS conversations proactively in Zendesk. The SMS channel is reserved for replying to end-users that have created a ticket. There is a way to send a SMS notification proactively, by following the steps on this article: Using Text notifications with triggers: Recipes and tips. But as you mentioned, if the end-user replies this will create a new ticket.

    We see how this use case could be valuable, so I would recommend that you create a Feedback Post in our Community requesting this feature. As of now, this is a system limitation.

    I hope this was helpful!

  • Daniel Hamrick

    I would also like for the option to have this come back into the same ticket such as when a missed call ticket is created I have a trigger that fires a text to the caller letting them know we received their call, when they text back it creates a new ticket, this causes my agents to have to work both the missed call and mms ticket or at the very least merge them. additionally if they work the mms ticket, there is no option to choose public reply as e-mail only, it sends both text and e-mail which is redundant and unnecessary. the option would be to only work the call from the missed call ticket. 


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