Rapid resolve, the feature that closes tickets when a helpdesk article helped, should put at least a tag to the ticket


  • Ryan Boyer

    I agree with this post. There needs to be some event in the ticket history that occurs when Rapid Resolve hapens. This way we can then do subsequent actions on the ticket (i.e., trigger). As it stands right now in our instance, a ticket can be solved via Rapid Resolve and there are custom ticket fields we have required that will remain blank. This is causing data issues in our instance. If we had the ability to create a trigger based on a Rapid Resolve action, we could resolve this data issue.

  • Greg S.

    This would also improve the ability to provide a CSAT survey to the customer with better context as to why they're receiving it.  It's surprising how many customers click the "Yes this resolved my issue" link and then get upset when their case is closed because their issue isn't actually resolved.

  • Florian

    Yes that's absolutely needed.
    It's a must have for us. We need to be able to re-open certain tickets to check if all mandatory fields are filled as the rapid-resolve ignores if mandatory fields are empty.

  • Bonnie Pohlschneider

    +1 on this functionality. The button wording is very clear that their request will be closed, but requesters don't always realize that is what they are doing. If we had a notification sent to the requester, it would give them the opportunity to reply to the message and reopen the request if needed.


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