Custom User Fields visibility


  • Bobby Watton


    We're a healthcare company so I'd like our Providers to have one set of user fields to identify things like "Are you a Therapist or Psychiatrist?" This User field might be called "Provider Type".
    For our Patients, I might want a user-field called "Current Provider". But I wouldn't want a Provider User to have a "Current Provider" field and I wouldn't want a Patient to have a "Provider Type" field.

    I'd also like to track the training wave cohort of my Agent users with an "Agent wave" user field. And their BPO vendor with a "Vendor" field. 
    How do I add these important user fields without having a giant list of User Fields where many fields are inappropriate for the given User I'm looking at (i.e. Agent Wave showing up on a Provider user)?
    Are User Profiles the product I'm looking for? I've done some reading on Profiles in the KB but it's still ambiguous to me what exactly Profiles are and how they're displayed in the Workspace. 
    I'm a bit stunned this wasn't a v1 feature when Zendesk was first launched. Every Support org must have this same problem.

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