Guide Search Needs to show date of last article update



  • Sam

    Hi Morgan Martin!

    To change this, you will want to do the following:

    1. Go to Guide Admin -> Customize Design -> Customize (for whichever theme you're working with)
    2. On the customization page, select Edit code in the bottom-right
    3. On the code editing page, select search_results.hbs on the left sidebar
    4. In the search_results.hbs code, locate the following line: <span class="meta__item">{{date created_at}}</span>
    5. Either update the created_at part to be updated_at, or you can use <span class="meta__item">{{date updated_at}}</span> if you'd like to have both, etc.

    There are two variables you can use - one is edited_at, the other is updated_at. Unfortunately, the documentation is not great at explaining the difference between the two. Hope the above helps!

  • CJ Johnson

    Is there any way to make the update_date reflect only the update for the language being searched/viewed? Currently it seems it shows the most recent update date for any translation of the article. 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi CJ,
    I have tried to use {{date edited_at}} and it's not showing the translation of the articles I have. Unfortunately, we can't directly help you on this concern as this is considered a form of customization that is outside our scope.
  • Info

    Is it possible to NOT show the 'last updated date' in the articles? 

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi there,
    The code that displaying the date of the articles creation and update is located in the article-author div on theunder aritcle_page.pbs. You will find the below code, that contains all of the information displayed in an article including author, date, or timestamp on Help Center articles.
    Remove this content or modify it to display the information that you would like.

    For more information, please see this article: Editing the article's author, date, and timestamp
  • Jenny Bracy

    This is not helpful! Come on Zen. You should make this easier for end users. It's a simple need that many of us have. Think about your end users.

  • Conny Svanberg

    The code displayed in Sam's reply doesn't work.

    I updated the "created_at part to be updated_at, " which gave me an error message when publishing.

    I tried the code in Dane's reply and used edited_at, which worked great...


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