Jira + Zendesk integration questions


  • Gabriele F.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jennifer,
    I’ll try to reply to your questions in order:

    1) This is an expected behaviour. When you add fields into the Zendesk + Jira integration, these will not load until the Jira issue is viewed. This has to do with when the Zendesk app loads in Jira and the fields are updated. It may appear to be only on certain tickets because it depend if you’re the first to view the ticket after a new Zendesk ticket is linked

    2) Make sure these new fields are added and available to these project and to any screens you want to see them on. You will need to adjust these setup in Jira, as this process is not automatic. Please check this article for further information on how to add fields to projects: Linked tickets reporting
  • dxc

    Hi, Jennifer. I know from experience that this is an unnerving issue, I've been there. Next time you may want to try a tool like zigiops. It will automate the entire process and populate the fields you want, so you don't have to worry that you've missed something. 


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