Chat shortcut suggestions in Agent Workspace


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    Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks all for providing feedback. We're looking into how we can simplify the macros application experience and we're taking all your feedback into account.

  • Amy Lee
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Simon, 

    in both Zendesk Chat and Agent workspace, "/' is required for suggestions to be displayed. We certainly would like to improve the user experience of short cut. Thanks for the note on shortcut suggestions! 

  • Simon Blouner

    Hey @...

    I'm sorry to inform you, that what you are stating above is not correct.

    When handling chats in regular Zendesk Chat, shortcuts are suggested if you simply type the first few words of the content of the shortcut - also without adding the "/" as a start.

    See screenshot below:

  • Φάνης Τ.


    Also something else i would like to add here is that, in Agent Workspace we don't have the option to separate paragraphs between the sentences, so when we are replying with a long shortcut the customer sees a long paragraph united.

    Is this something is going to be fixed in AW?


  • Knut Roger

    Hello @....

    If I may partially partially correct your answer:

    You write: "in both Zendesk Chat and Agent workspace, "/' is required for suggestions to be displayed."

    However, after some inquiry, this is only half way correct, as it doesn't apply to the entirety of Agent Workspace, only selected channels. Hence, there are some limitations that aren't specified in your answer.
    If you don't have Chat activated, the "/" command for shortcuts is not available at all, since there is no place to define your personal shortcuts. As far as I can tell, they are a function of Chat, not Agent Workspace in itself.

    I'm I wrong in this? I would very much like to use "/" shortcuts in Agent Workspace, but for email replies.


  • Will Yolen


    Adding in my thoughts--it is extremely detrimental to not have shortcuts available to the agent in the agent workspace. The agent workspace is designed to increase the agent's efficiency and overall speed and when messaging (or texting) and shortcuts are the ideal replies (we designed them to be shorter and more succinct, getting the customer exactly what they need as fast as possible). We built our shortcuts from our Macros, and it seems like a waste of resources to now remake every shortcut as a macro again. There should be a way to use shortcuts as macros, or (at the very least) there should be a way to automatically recreate shortcuts as Macros.  


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