Feedback on Zendesk Support: Don't Show Me the Last Updated Timestamp, Show Me The Last Commented


  • Mathias Lakshøj-Hansen

    Hi C.J;

    I get what you mean but I would argue that it could be important to know if a ticket had gotten an update without a comment.
    It might be that you could have set up some automations or triggers that would update the ticket.

    There could though be a very good point in adding a column that had last comment as it's filter/rule.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hello, CJ and Mathias! I tend to agree with both. Because each business may have its own specific needs, what one person needs to show their end-users might differ from what I need to show mine.

    A native feature to achieve this would be useful, so here's my 2 cents regarding a potential feature request/suggestion:

    1. Having new attributes/columns regarding agent updates, for example: "Latest public comment by agent" and "Latest update by agent" (I use 'agent' instead of 'assignee' because some businesses might have rotating assignees that might not leave public comments)
    2. Ability for admins to choose which fields to show requesters on the Requests page (already possible for existing fields)
    3. Ability to rename those fields to whatever we want to show end users (e.g. rename "Latest update by agent" to "Latest internal follow-up" or something; also already possible for existing fields)



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