Notification when a light agent replies on a closed ticket


  • Riccardo Centomo

    Hi Delphine Pougnard, you can manage it whit a macro that write a predefined internal comment and a trigger that evaluate this comment to change the ticket status

  • Delphine Pougnard

    Thanks Ricardo for your comment.

    Could you show how you would manage this ?

    I can't picture how this would work.

    Best regards

  • Diogo Maciel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Delphine

    Any trigger that checks for a word in the ticket will do. Your agent can then add that word as a ticket comment so the trigger will perform the action you choose. Something like:

  • Delphine Pougnard

    Good morning Diogo,

    Still confused with this sorry, how can I predict which word to set in the trigger ?

    Also I would not want any ticket to be reopened, only those from light agents where a note has been added after ticket was closed or solved.

    Does that make sense ?


  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Delphine Pougnard, just to be clear, do you mean "closed" as in Closed status, or Solved (i.e. still editable and can be reopened)? I'm assuming both scenarios.

    1. Solved tickets and reopens

    Regarding Solved tickets that do not reopen when Light Agents reply (i.e. add an internal note), can you please try the following trigger?

    ALL conditions

    • Ticket is updated
    • Current user is agent
    • Comment is Private
    • Assignee is not (current user)
    • Status is Solved
    • Status Not changed from Solved


    • Status: Open

    Alternatively, if you have few Light Agents, you can instead add multiple "Current user is [name]" conditions under ANY conditions.

    2. Follow-ups to Closed tickets

    For Light Agent replies that create a follow-up ticket (after replying to a Closed ticket), you can try user tags.

    • Add the same tag to all your users who are Light Agents. For example, role_lightagent
    • This tag will be added to all tickets created by them, including follow-up tickets (i.e. when they reply to a ticket that was Closed)
    • In this scenario, it shouldn't be necessary to create a trigger, as the status a new follow-up ticket will be New/Open (please do correct me if I'm wrong)

    Please let us know if this makes sense!

  • Delphine Pougnard

    Thanks Pedro,

    Crystal clear. I have created the trigger and I will see how it goes.




  • Glendon CS

    "Alternatively, if you have few Light Agents, you can instead add multiple "Current user is [name]" conditions under ANY conditions." This seems incorrect. Light agents do not populate in the "Current user is" conditions dropdown


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