TextExpander is not working as expected in Zendesk


  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi there,
    We have received similar reports and it seems desktop app version your agents were using is the one having issues.

    Or team tested on the chrome extension worked, i.e. the preceding shortcut was removed when a shortcut was input.
    Since the issue is fixed in one version of Textexpander, and broken in another.
    It would be safe to say that this is an issue with the Textexpander software itself. 

    Since Textexpander is third-party software we don't have any control over how it works, the best course of action for this concern would be to raise this problem with Textexpander's support team. 
    As a workaround until the Textexpander team is able to resolve this, You can try switching to the chrome extension instead of the desktop version.

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