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    Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager


    We are focusing all of our efforts on omnichannel routing, which can be seen as a replacement for play/guided mode and hence are not likely to be enhacing play mode.

    We are releasing in a few weeks time routing queues, in which tickets can be ordered by SLA and assigned out to agents directly. This means agents cannot skip tickets.



  • Tommy

    Yes, it would be a great feature

  • MAC

    We have groups enabled, yes, and we have views set up for certain groups. But there is no granular option to select which views have guided mode enabled. 

  • Totally agree. I feel Guided Mode is not ready for prime time because of how restricting it is.

    • No way to report on skipped tickets or at least tag them so managers/admins have an easy way to show which tickets were skipped or which agents are skipping the most.
    • Not every view should have Guided Mode enabled. For example, if an agent has tickets On-hold and they hear back from an engineer with a workaround, an agent has to click "Play" on a view and keep skipping until they find the on-hold ticket they are looking for. This is such a waste of time and suboptimal. Same for if an agent is looking for a specific Open ticket.
    • The "Your assigned tickets" view isn't edited to include On-hold tickets or grouped in a certain way to make it easier to find the ticket they're looking for.
  • Nicole

    Agreed, Allen Lai | Head of CX at If it was possible to edit conditions in the view "Your assigned tickets," that would even be more helpful. This is very limiting to agents trying to view a list of tickets they've already serviced.  

  • Mark Nino Valencia

    Just want to add to this conversation 

    - Be able to pick and choose which views are on play mode
    - Be able to control what we can show in the assigned tickets view at least

    - Have "Stay on the ticket" as a default option when going through the play. 

  • Eric McNulty

    I definitely second this request

  • Wesley Readdick

    Hey ZD fam! We've been customers for nearly 10 years and we don't ask for much. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow us to choose which views are controlled by guided mode as we do not need an "all or nothing" solution here. I have several views that require specialized talent to work these queues and need more freerange to view and process that work. Often involving our fraud queues, copyright queues, refunds, etc and other extremely important time sensitive work that doesn't require GM oversight. At this point I really ONLY need GM for our Main inbox. Again we beg you to please build this for us (all ZD users) so we can get back to work and making our customers (and agents) happy.

  • MAC

    Great input Wesley Readdick

  • Kellie Aguilar

    Zendesk Admin user, here.
    I second Mark Nino Valencia's suggestions:

    - Be able to pick and choose which views are on play mode
    - Be able to control what we can show in the assigned tickets view at least

    - Have "Stay on the ticket" as a default option when going through the play

    Also, Wesley Readdick's very valuable Feedback for the same thing. We REALLY need the ability to choose which queues get play mode applied and NOT force the admins to scan every hour and assign tickets from each folder view. That's the opposite of efficiency for us. Our team needs autonomy. Thank you.

  • Madita Richards

    Please build this. We all need it!!

  • Caryn Austin

    I concur!

  • Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager

    HI, Our plan is to use omnichannel routing (OcR) to accomplish this - at the moment OcR automatically assigns tickets to agents that are members of the group that the ticket is assigned to,

    The plan would be to extend this so that you could create routing queues - similar to views, with conditions but specifically for routing. Then could you could prioritize these queues  - so the routing engine would assign work from priority 1 queue, and then priority 2 etc. Agents or groups of agents can be allocated to these queue, This is scheduled for 2023 release


  • Monica

    While the coming features of Omnichannel Routing sound like it would make it more viable. It does have some lingering questions for the tickets sent to other teams with macro setting changes.

    To the point of Guided/Play Mode, I frequently get asked for specific views to have the feature rather than the agent level. We lose some efficiency because there are some functions for a set of agents that need to move around more freely in one view dictating that their whole movement in Zendesk views is at will.

  • Crystal Shepherd

    I agree with Monica and many others above. We need the play mode feature view based, not role based to allow for more efficiency and flexibility with our agents. At times it hinders productivity instead of helping.

  • Admin | Bryan Borges

    I agree with the requests. Today, Guided Mode doesn't help as expected, because:

    - Agent Role/Function defines how this is gonna work, instead of the queue.
    - Personal queue from guided mode can't be edited. 
    - Managers/Team leaders can't see skipped tickets by users and the amount. 
    - We can't set every user as an Admin, to see the skipped tickets. 

    So, there's not a way to evaluate how much this option is helping or hindering the team. 

    A good Guided Mode would be a master key on the use :/ 

  • Claudia Garcia

    Adding a comment here to resurface this request.

    Please give us a guided mode that allows for:

    - Queue-based guided mode (that allows you to pick from the groups that you already have)
    - Personal queue management ability for On-holds or pending tickets. 
    - Managers/Team leaders access to skipped tickets by users and the amount. 
    - Drop down (customizable) options in the "why are you skipping this ticket?" box
    - Remove the options to filter from newest to oldest and only go by SLAs
    - Remove the ability to skip a ticket without selecting a skipping reason. 

  • Chris Rose

    We would love this capability as well to pick which views/queues are guided mode and which ones aren't. Any update on this?


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