Option to turn off ZenDesk Advertising?


  • Rich Rodriguez

    Stop violating my space with this nonsense.  This is a paid acct., stop with the popups!

  • CJ Johnson

    Heartily agreed, it takes up a quarter of my screen, and has no option to close it. You can only choose "remind me later" or to sign up. 

  • Alex Mora

    In support of the other posters, this is terrible and needs to never happen again. Specifically the team that built this ad intentionally used user hostile design by hiding the close box INSIDE the graphic making it almost invisible. (Yeah there is a faint grey x in the orange sleeve, that doesn't make it OK) This ad is designed to block peoples workspace and trick them into either enrolling or "Agreeing" to be pestered endlessly. It lacks the option to opt out in anyway. This is classic dark design/antipattern stuff.

    let's madlib this for a second. Would you like to enroll your partner in the Kevin Spacey & Harvey Wienstien workshop? "Save your seat" or "remind me later" Hmm, I don't want either of those things. I want to do my job, get paid and go home. I want to never see crap like this again in a solution we pay good money for.

    Your timing is perfect though, I had a conversation with my boss about reviewing alternate ticket systems literally yesterday. This little stunt WILL be coming up in the next session when are on the phone with them. Also don't be surprised if this ad ends up on reddit. It won't be me, but if you end up with a public relations bloody nose, the trolls in marketing earned it for the rest of you, and you didn't stop them. It's a good solution otherwise though, I wasn't pushing to switch and literally couldn't think of a reason we would want to yesterday. I guess today is a new day, thanks for making it crappier.

  • Bob Sherer

    CJ Johnson The hidden third option is to hit Escape and it goes away.


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