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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Denis,
    The Date field type can only be used for dates. With some work, I think you could use a regex field, as this user seems to have done: Working out a date and time difference between 2 regex fields?
    There's an example of a yyyy-mm-dd date format using a regex field here as well as a link to more information about building regular expressions, here: About custom field types
    Once you had your field set up to accept date/time entries in your chosen format, I think you'd probably need to use string functions in order to process the date entries as custom attributes in Explore -- see Getting started with custom metrics and attributes and Explore functions reference.
  • システム管理者

    This is my first comment on a thread related to formatting.

    I would like to be able to change the format of the value displayed in the ticket date field on the agent's ticket screen.
    In Japanese, the date field of an agent's ticket is [yyyy 年 m 月 d 日], but I would like it to be [yyyy/mm/dd].

    It seems that this cannot be changed at this time, but we would like to be able to change the date format in order to improve the efficiency of various checks.



    日本語の場合、エージェントのチケットの日付フィールドは[yyyy 年 m 月 d 日]ですが、表示は[yyyy/mm/dd]を希望します。



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