Change Options on Trigger conditions


  • Lou
    Community Moderator

    Chris Moffett

    You can use tags to keep it from running more than once. For instance:



    These offsetting conditions will prevent the trigger from firing again. The down side is if you reassign a lot, it won't fire again if needed.


  • Chris Moffett

    Thanks for the suggestion Lou.   I realized I could add a condition if the Group is not the Group to be assigned would make this only trigger once.

    So, Request Type = Demonstration and Group is not Sales.  It assigns the Sales Group so this does not trigger again.   But, has Changed, Not Changed, etc. would still be nice to have on user-defined fields when configuring Triggers and Automation.


  • Lou
    Community Moderator

    I was going to discuss groups Chris Moffett, but I wasn't sure what you meant when discussing assigned. Sales could be a group or an agent. Good catch on your part.


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