Set yourself to invisible while viewing tickets


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing this feedback and for using the product feedback template, Syd! 

    If others like Syd's idea or have similar needs, please upvote their post and share any other details in the comments below.

  • Aaron Miller

    This is the exact type of feature we would also like to see.  Same use cases, when teammates see the viewing icon, the ticket gets ignored, even if it's someone who obviously won't be taking the ticket, because that is not obvious without mouseover.  Relatedly, it would also be immensely helpful if "Also viewing this ticket" did not show if the Agent viewing is viewing "Inactively".

  • Chelsea Allen

    I completely agree with Aaron! Cherry picking can be difficult in general (I also don't want to auto assign tickets to agents that may not feel as comfortable with a specific area), but our setup is a bit different. Smaller support team and it almost feels like big brother eyes... a few users will be on a ticket and start dropping off until eventually the ticket is still left in the queue without resolution. Not good... 

  • Zendesk User 112

    This feature would be beneficial to us. We're a small-ish team and senior management such as myself regularly keep an eye on the quality of support being given to our customers. The problem is, if an agent sees the manager reviewing their work, it can cause unrest.

    Gets my upvote.

  • Jozsef Hajdu

    it would be beneficial in our organization as well, we would really apreciate if it had been implemented

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    Here is a link to another post: 'Incognito mode' for agent monitoring – Aide Zendesk

    Here are my comments to add to this feature:

    +1 to this feature.

    • Ability to set it invisible on a per ticket basis (so not all the time)
    • AND when it is enabled, see in audit log who enabled it
    • AND on which ticket it was enabled on
    • It should also be configurable by role. Agents should not be able to do this but managers, admins, team leads should
    • It should also be configurable that when you are invisible, you can't make edits to tickets you are invisible/incognito on if collission is the concern
  • Faye

    This is also a feature I would like to see added


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