Unique Values on an Organization Custom Field


  • Konstantin

    Ruben Cortez,

    I recommend using more than one Organization custom field to better support your scenario.

    My company deals with a multitude of customers, and we have configured several custom fields for our Organizational data, that is pushed/pulled from SalesForce (as an example). For us, we created several fields within SalesForce, then created the same (in essence) fields in Zendesk. Using our API calls/recipes, we ensured those specific fields were mapped, so any other integrations we performed would auto-sync as needed, based on any one (or more than one, depending on the specific needs of the data being transferred) of the custom fields that was previously mapped between the two systems.


  • Andrea Antuzzi

    I'd love it too. I want to report the Customer ERP ID in a organization field in ZenDesk.

    With a unique field values, the system should not let two records have the same value for that field.


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