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    Abbe Cohen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone!

    Exciting news... we've heard you, and in late 2024, Zendesk will support Dark Mode out of the box. We're excited to bring this to the community. You'll see this first in Agent Workspace, and continue from there as we eventually will support all of Zendesk in Dark Mode. 

    Please add any feedback you have here as we are actively working on this and your feedback is important!

  • Walter

    +1,000,000 votes if possible :)

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Brian and Walter, 

    Thanks for your post. According to our product teams, there are not currently plans to develop a dark mode for Zendesk. While it has been a long-standing feature request, it's just never been a higher priority than the other things users are requesting. 

    For more info, you may want to read this article: 

    Is there a dark mode for Zendesk Support?

    And here's the feature request that you can up-vote and follow in case things change in the future: 

    Dark theme

  • Brett L

    I also agree with Zendesk releasing a dark mode feature.

    Relaying on 3rd party products to be developed that were requested directly from the Zendesk Dev team by customers isn't a great look.

    The extension was free until last week's update on 13/06/2022, now it's a subscription-based service.

  • GrowthDot

    GrowthDot is the producer of a Dark Mode for Zendesk and we want to explain why it became paid. The extension seems easy and basic, partly it is true. However, the Zendesk platform changes from time to time and we need time and people to synchronize Dark Mode with updated Zendesk. So, it is hard to keep Dark Mode theme free. Besides, by buying Dark Mode you support Ukraine, as GrowthDot is from Ukraine and we are paying taxes here.

  • Brett L


    I understand you need to update the extension, but so do all the other freeware/extensions out there which keep the product free.

    They definitely don't force payments upon their users out of nowhere.

    That's great it's based in Ukraine, but that still doesn't justify the forceful nature of demanding payments.

    Anyway, the extension has now been removed across all devices.

    As is most likely the case for other users too.

  • GrowthDot

    Hi, Brett Lightbody

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry, but we never forced anyone to buy the extension you are free to choose from the alternatives. But for that payment, you get a better work of extension, without bugs and with updates. Our subscribers have already estimated the advantages.

  • Brett L


    So why not release a free version, which you no longer update and allows your users to have the choice between a free version which may/may not contain bugs, or a paid-for version which is bug-free and advertisement free.


    Have you ever thought of that?

  • Jan-Willem Rommerts

    It is a strange situation that a professional program does not have a Dark Mode and that you are advised to use a plug-in from another manufacturer.

    Come on Zendesk! Go with your time!

  • Riccardo Marchesi

    Nicole Saunders

    I'm sorry, but this is just disrespectful with the employees that suffer with eye strain after staring to Zendesk for hours each day. You've already released this to Android and iOS. It just doesn't make any sense to not have it already considering the size of Zendesk as a company. Zendesk is a support tool, employees stare at it for long periods handling tickets. Treating UX as "optional stuff" in 2022 and is just ridiculous.

  • Will Martin

    I totally agree Riccardo Marchesi

    I know this isn't a native solution, but I found that Dark Reader (Free) extension works seamlessly with ZenDesk.

    Might be worth trying it out: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh

    For Firefox users: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/darkreader/

  • Riccardo Marchesi

    Will Martin

    Dark Reader (Free) messes up with the text color of sent Public/Internal replies, same for 98% of the other extensions available. We need a native solution.

  • John Ricklefs

    The firefox 3rd party plug-in was removed and the chrome extension wants $2 per month
    Please get this done. Until there is a dark mode I cannot recommend this ticketing system.

  • Jan-Willem Rommerts

    Pretty frustrating that Zendesk is NOT listening to its customers! Don't forget Zendesk that you make your product with our money.

    Similar programs like Service Management do have a dark mode option I think.......

  • CJ Johnson

    Nicole Saunders the thread you link to upvote and comment has been closed, meaning that we cannot comment on it.  How should the community let you know about desire for this feature? 

  • Anthony Del Campo

    Found multiple threads about this topic and am very surprised this is not a native option in 2023!

    Competitors like Intercom have this enabled! What is keeping this from being enabled?

    Over the years, my eyes have formed a photosensitivity and find any sites that do not have a native way to enable dark mode at times difficult to use. I have dimmed my screens and enabled blue light filters, but at times this is not enough.

    I would love to see this in 2023, it seems like a really easy solution. 
  • Axele zack

    we need that the dark mode be available on the basics features, not to go buy an 3rd part extension and pay for that... its a shame one you to say that its not a priority !!!!!!!!!!
    for that i prefer "salsesforce platforme" than zendek, and i will recommend it to others.

  • Malcolm Miles

    Interesting that Zendesk is suggesting the use of a third-party extension, whereas in another ticket they have specifically recommended not to use them.

    "We have to take a pretty strong stance on not supporting third-party extensions."

  • Anja Aksentijevic

    What I did is to force Dark Theme on Chrome and it is awesome. You have a dark theme everywhere :) 

  • Anthony Stenhouse

    Adding our voice to this request. :+1:

  • Anastasia Kachanova


  • Jan-Willem Rommerts

    It's sad, but you're talking to deaf ears.... Zendesk is as flexible as a block of stone. Every professional program has this functionality except Zendesk. Too bad!

    But we'll try again.... So Zendesk: once again the urgent request to come up with a dark mode FAST....

  • Anthony Stenhouse

    Dark Mode is reported to be coming this year: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7153808302320062464/


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