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  • Sy Sussman

    I've used both ways you've described - one big "Category" field or 2-3 nested fields - and I far prefer the first one.

    Each potential item would be structured Product::Issue::Sub-issue. For example, Consumer::Update Contact Information::Change Contact Number. The :: allows you to report at various levels.

    The problem I've run into with the nested fields is that reporting is atrocious. There's no way to gather the data in Explore and make sense of it without doing a lot of data manipulation in a spreadsheet.

    The bigger question I have for you, though, is whether you have too many Products/Issues/Sub-Issues. With so many to choose from, does that slow your support agents down? And are you getting meaningful information, or just a bunch of Sub-issues with 0-2 tickets? At a previous company, when I came in we had ~500 categories. We narrowed them down to ~100 and were able to get much more meaningful data.

    Good luck!

  • Lou
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    We do similar kinds of things with Formset.

    It's a paid application, but it does this particular function very well.

  • Ian Hawkins

    Thanks for the advice.  I know it seems like we have a lot of options, but in works well for our teams.  I think we're going to initially try the single, giant, nested drop-down.

    I may follow the advice in this post: The 'About' Field – Zendesk help - and set-up each item as follows: Consumer::Consumer/Update Contact Information::Consumer/Update Contact Information/Change Contact Number.  So once we select an item we can see the "breadcrumb" - but clearly the text gets a bit long, so we may have to play about with the wording.

    The reporting does sound like a bit of a pain, but this article Explore recipe: Reporting on nested drop-down fields – Zendesk help seems to suggest we can make it easier using "Standard Calculated Attribute"s.

    I also see it being a bit of pain configuring other conditional fields we want displayed based on the selected Category.  It's very restrictive having just a "If value is" condition (really wish there was a "If value contains" condition available!),  It will mean we have loads of condition rows added for each sub-option :-(


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