Zendesk needs to being back phone or email support


  • Matthew Wyckoff

    Agreed. Terribly inconvenient when the product doesn't allow you to log in so you can't access the support chat... traditional email only elicits a form response about being unmonitored.

    Further, when checking the Zendesk status page, the issue wasn't listed. Scrolling to the bottom of the page to report the issue, by using the "Tell us." link, takes you to a page that no longer exists. 

    Thankfully, our account executive was very responsive.

  • Matt Simpson

    Also agree, I have been on Zendesk for about a year and I do find it odd that a company built around customer support doesn't have direct customer support I can call.

  • Michelle Z.

    We use this site to get quick info when we run into issues. It helps us know more immediately if it's a local network issue versus an issue on ZD's end. 

    The last support ticket I submitted was on June 22 at 3:16 PM and I got my first reply on June 28 at 9:39 AM 😑 surely that had to have breached an SLA 🙃



  • Josh

    Well said Matt Simpson- a company built around better customer service doesnt have a direct support number. 

    I can see not allowing someone to call in on a starter plan, but enterprise? 


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