Please give us a way to fully disable the "Phishing Risk" feature.



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    Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager


    We heard you! Thanks for providing feedback on the recently released Phishing Prevention Flags in Agent Workspace.

    We are rolling back this release effective immediately. As many of you have shared, this feature didn’t take into account some common workflows of our customers. We're now taking time to revise this feature to better suit your needs and will be bringing back an improved version sometime next year.


  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello CJ Johnson - Thanks for providing feedback. Here are the cases where Zendesk marks a ticket as a Phishing attempt.

    Currently, there is no way to turn this off in Agent Workspace, however, we can remove you from the rollout. Please confirm that you would like to be excluded from this rollout. Thanks!

  • CJ Johnson

    Hi Amisha, 

    Thanks, but I'm not the only one with this issue, and I don't want to have to reach out to have the same thing done in my dev environment. I'm assuming the feature is intended to grow and improve over time, and I may wish to turn it on. Or for example, maybe we have a big spate of phishes and I change my mind and want it on again. I would really like this to be an option that as an admin, I have control over. 

    Your image appears to be the possible flags an error would encounter, but what I am trying to ask, is what the scenarios are that Zendesk is attempting to mark as phishing, what definition of "phishing" is Zendesk using? For example, I don't see any flags up there that would actually apply to the types of phishing that I'm concerned about and actually see making into Zendesk. 

    Am I correct in understanding there is no logic to this Phishing Risk feature that would be able detect calling themselves BBB, sending an email from with a malicious link? That's an example of the kind of thing I would want flagged, but the feature doesn't seem to be able to catch that kind of phishing. 

  • William Sedgwick

    having another person respond happens every day and is completely normal for us, i dont understand why this is marked as phishing and why we cant choose to turn this off. Internally we have had many emails not beinng responded to for hours as agents are afraid to do anything with actual tickets because they have been marked as phishing

  • Simon Collier

    Hello! Is it possible to be removed from this feature as well? Thank you! 


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