Ticket Forms to represent calls and messages



  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Jacquelyn Redington,

    You can already do what you're wanting to achieve within Zendesk. There are a couple of options here on how to do this. 

    Option 1: Use the existing default form

    1. Create a new custom drop-down field that is only visible to the agents (not end-users). Inside the field, you can have values such as call, email, and messaging. You can make this field to be mandatory for agents so they have to fill it out before the ticket gets solved.
    2. Add the field to your existing form. 
    3. When a call or a Message comes through, you can then simply select from the field if the ticket was a call, email or message etc. 

    Doing this, will allow you to do some better reporting and slice reports based on the selection made in the field. 

    Option 2: - This is based on the fact that you are taking calls through Zendesk Talk on your Zendesk Support platform

    1. Create a new form as you mentioned in your post containing the ticket fields you need
    2. Create a trigger that will run upon ticket creation when it's an incoming call. The trigger can automatically set the correct form against the ticket for the agent... and then the agent just needs to fill out the tickets regarding the call or message from there. 

    Hope this helps. :)



  • Jacquelyn Redington

    Thank you so much I will try this!

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for sharing your solution, Amie!

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