Show View description in Agent Workspace


  • Joel Hellman

    I like this idea.

    Not all views needs a description for agents, but many of our views would benefit from this, to make it easier for agents to work with Zendesk, both new hires, and more experienced agents.

    View titles can only sometimes convey the meaning and content of views.

    My agents will never open up view definitions, and they never visit the Manage view page. So they don't benefit from any descriptions there. Instead in our setup, the view description is used by the Zendesk admins. And for the admins, I find the View description can be useful, but it's often instead redundant. Because for admins, unlike triggers, our view conditions are pretty easy to understand, based on its filters. 

    However, if the View description is shown on the view page, it would discourage any more "admin-focused/internal notes" style data in the descriptions field. Because that would confuse agents. 

    So ideally, have a field for the admin notes, and another one for what should be shown in the support interface where the agents work. The agent description field is a friendly summary of the ticket view, the admin description field can contain more technical/internal notes.

    If this is done (re-use the existing view description or by adding another), I'd prefer the agent view description text is small and subtle/muted, because to me, the view description is for additional/reference information, something an agent might read once or twice, and then commit to memory, and not think more about. 


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