Which web browser for Agents to achieve lowest CPU usage and longest battery runtime?


  • Frédéric

    Interesting question! looking forward for some replies!

  • Justin Beeler

    I've been experiencing very high CPU usage from the Zendesk Agent tab I have open in Chrome for years.  They desperately need to invest some time in the optimization of the Agent interface.  I get that there's a lot going on, but not nearly as much going on as the CPU usage indicates.   I keep activity monitor open half the time and kill the "Google Chrome (Renderer)" process that has 16-20% CPU usage.  Each time, I play a little game and think to myself, wonder if it will be Zendesk this time - and guess what - it ALWAYS is.

  • Holger

    The 20% CPU usage (of all 6 cores on the Macbook) is also the magnitude I usually saw on Chrome for the agent pages, often even more, up to 25%. That's why I switched to Safari first and then to Firefox. 

    To put the 20-25% into context: A video conference consumes about the same CPU on that Macbook.

  • Dan Vacca

    I had ZenDesk take down my machine because I had some changes I didn't want to loose and was putting up with the delayed graphic rendering in MacOS.  Eventually, my machine became completely unresponsive and had to be hard-rebooted.

  • Holger

    As of Jan 25 2024 the high CPU usage problem in the web browser appears to be solved. At least on macOS Safari on am arm64 Mac the CPU usage of the opened and active Zendesk window is only about 1%. Only during user activity in the window it increases to 10 - 20% temporarily, but that is expected for any interactive web app.

    Maybe it was related to the old Apps API which was switched off on January 10, 2024 as announced in https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/5500321965978 and we had some of them active.


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