Conditional Check Boxes Do Not Seem Functional


  • CJ Johnson

    In your example, the rule only says that the ip range text field should be required if the IP range checkbox is checked. In your image, it's not checked. Does checking it change the text field to required? 

    I think there may be a bug with the behavior hiding and only displaying when the condition is met that you're seeing here, but that would help narrow done if it effects the actions working correctly, too. I've actually had a similar issue recently, but I assumed it was due to the all our custom, third party code.  

  • Chris Gregory

    CJ Johnson 

    If the IP Box is checked, I may not submit the form without filling out the IP regex field. If the IP Box is unchecked, I can submit the form, so that works. The condition rule definitely says "Then Show" the ip range field in the rule.

    This tutorial shows how I would expect it to be displaying.


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