Trigger comment text does not work with messaging.



  • Chandra Robrock
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    Do you want this to fire for newly created tickets as well as existing tickets that the customer has simply added a new comment to?

    If so, I’d recommend removing the “Ticket is Updated” condition so that this trigger fires both when a ticket is created & the end user left that comment as well as if an existing ticket is updated & the end user left that comment.

    You also may want to consider updating the Action to Add Tags instead of Set Tags so you don’t unintentionally replace any important tags that may already be on the ticket. This last recommendation wouldn’t have impacted whether this trigger fired or not, but figured it was still worth mentioning. :)

  • Bom Proapp

    Hi Chandra,

    I've tried many conditions/actions which both Set tags or Add tags, remove Ticket is Updated/Created and has only one condition "Comment text contains at least one of the following words", but the trigger never fired. I'm not sure the reason which is not fire because the channel messaging  can not detect comment text or not.

    Thank you


  • Lou
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    Bom Proapp

    Have you tried adding the condition "Update via"?

  • Bom Proapp


    I try adding condition "Update via LINE" and "Comment text Contains at least one of the following words", it's not work. However, if I remove the condition "Comment text Contains at least one of the following words", the trigger work properly.


  • Ahmed Zaid
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    I may be wrong, but my understanding is that messages from messaging channels are technically not stored in ticket comments. I understand that you see them in agent workspace the same way you normally see ticket comments, but they have different architecture. I doubt that trigger conditions for ticket comments will scan them.


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