Fix 2FA to be mandatory - Secure our data pls


  • Barkha Bhatia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Troy Johnston

    First off, thanks a ton for your feedback. I am Product Manager for Authentication and have taken over from Caroline :) I saw you commented on this thread too I want to acknowledge that your inputs are valid and your request is under consideration, we are planning to invest in 2FA feature in the next year and I will add this feature request. If you want to chat further I can send you a Zoom invite, let me know. Thanks again for your feedback and happy holidays!

  • Troy Johnston

    Hello Barkha,

    I emailed straight back, but perhaps it didn't get through.  Yes - please setup the zoom.  I understand you're the PM.  I would certainly appreciate any attendance with us from IT Security or Architecture within the discussion.

    Please let's communicate moving forwards not via a public forum.



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