Answer Bot only suggests articles based on the subject, not on the actual description of a ticket.


  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Denise, 

    There is no workaround for this. It more sounds like your Zendesk itself and the form setup needs optimising to best practise operations in order for the forms to work seamlessly with Answerbot. 

  • Shmuel Holzman
    Community Moderator

    Hi Denise, 

    I tested this on my account and it seems that Answer Bot is matching articles based on either the subject or the description. 

    That said, if I understood correctly it sounds like you have a multi-Brand Zendesk account. It's important to note that your Help Center is unique to the Brand it is associated with. This means that if the ticket is being submitted as part of Brand A, Answer Bot will only look for articles within Help Center A.

    Another important note is that if you enabled article labels, that will further limit what articles Answer Bot will search for (more on that here). 


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