If I use a subdomain for my sandbox, can I use the same one in live?



  • Amie Brennan

    Hey There, 

    You will not be able to reuse the subdomain if you do it the way you described. I would recommend using "secondbrand-test.zendesk.com" as the brand subdomain in your sandbox. That way you can leave the proper name you'd like to use as the brand's subdomain in your production Zendesk account. 

    Hope this helps. :)



  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi there,

    Amie's comment above is correct. You cannot use the same subdomain for both your production and Sandbox account. The subdomain must be unique for every account since you will be using it as your login URL, I agree with the recommendation to just add 'secondbrand-test' instead to be used for testing.

    Thanks, Amie for sharing the answer!

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