Question on modifying SLA Policy



  • Amie

    Hey Jake, 

    I would check out this doc here on troubleshooting SLAs:

    It makes the reference I've highlighted in the screenshot below earlier on in the article. 


    After you implement new SLA policies or change existing ones, they aren't retroactively applied to existing tickets in the account. You would need to manually run a bulk update on tickets, and put in a private comment at the same time saying "Please disregard - silent update to ticket for SLA policy change".

    Any tickets which are created AFTER you implement the new or updated policy... the polices will automatically run on those and be applied where applicable. 

    Hope this helps. :)



  • Jake Warren

    Amie - Thanks! This all makes sense and is what I had assumed was the case, but great to have confirmation. Thanks again!


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