Show brands in suspended tickets


  • Amie

    Great idea, however, this prob won't ever happen because the "emails" which show up in the suspended tickets view are technically not even tickets yet. They have no ticket ID associated with them and therefore it wouldn't be able to tell what brand they are associated with either. 

    I would recommend that you look at a third-party solution to help manage your suspended tickets. I would recommend looking at the Shredder app by Sparkly. It will allow you to create rules based on specific support addresses in your account and recover tickets automatically. The ability to create a rule might also then allow you to see which email address the suspended ticket was received via. 

    Hope this helps. :)



  • Marty

    Thanks for your suggestion. :D
    But if you click on a suspended ticket you can see where the email was sent to. So it's just moving that information out to the overview instead. Shouldn't be a big change as the information is already there.


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