Updating macros to use a new field



  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Matthew,

    You can list down all the macros you have by using List Macro endpoint, then do the necessary update by using Update Many Macro endpoint.
  • mfg


    I need to replace a long text address field (street+city+state) with a set of segmented address fields (street, city, state). This will impact all macros using the long text, since it will be deprecated for the segmented fields, but I don't know which macros those are.

    Does the macros API search functionality have the ability to loop through the macro actions object to find a value?

    I'm trying to pull a JSON of macro data* where the long address field id placeholder is being used in either the comment_value, comment_value_html, or side_conversation actions (ie a "text contains..." query).

    I can't find documentation related to the query format referenced in the dev documentation:

    GET /api/v2/macros/search?query={query}

    Is there a page in the documentation that provides a reference for the search?

    *Hopefully I can just limit it to macro name, url, description, and comment_value, comment_value_html, or side_conversation actions.

  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Matthew,
    The macros API search functionality is not capable of looping through the macro actions object to find a value.
    There are only a several number of parameters that can used to search for a Macro. See here.

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