Can I restrict Date Field choices on a Help Center Form?



  • Christopher Kennedy
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Andrew,
    There aren't any admin settings that would accomplish this, so the only way would involve customization of your Help Center theme.  Adding custom Javascript validation to the form to accomplish this can be a bit tricky due to the way the form's submission process works.  If you're interested customization, you can try a strategy of disabling the submit button until the start and end date form input values meet the constraints you've outlined here in your post.  
    The form input fields have an ID of requestcustomfields_<ticket_field_id> (where <ticket_field_id> is the ID of the field in your ticket field settings).  Your custom code can leverage that fact to locate the form fields and the values it needs to check.
  • Andrew Kenny

    Thanks Christopher Kennedy


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