Due Date Enhancements


  • Daniel Rafeedie

    Alek Reed totally agree! We essentially want to replicate the "snooze" feature from Gmail, so that tickets are automatically resurfaced at a specific date / time.

    In the meantime, we've created a custom field caused 'snooze date' and it just reopens at midnight (GMT) so it just kind of sits in our ticket queue and clutters stuff until the "time" that we need to reply 

  • Michele Cuchra

    Daniel Rafeedie Can you give me details on how you created the "snooze date" field and how it reopens? I feel like this might help us in the meantime.  Thanks! 

  • Daniel Rafeedie


    1. We have a custom date field called "snooze date" 
    2. We have a condition on our ticket form for agents that in order for them to update any ticket to pending or on-hold, they are required to put in a snooze date. This allows them to say "okay if I don't hear back from them by X date, then it should reopen the ticket for me to take another look." 
    3. Create an automation that says "If snooze date is within the previous 1 day and the category is NOT open and the ticket tag does not contain "snoozed_ticket_reopened" and the ticket is in any pending or on hold status, then move the ticket back to open and reset the snooze date to 4 days from now." This also tags the ticket as "snooze ticket reopened"

    Separately we have a trigger to remove the snooze_ticket_reopened tag once that ticket is updated again so it can go through the automation several times if you have to keep snoozing the ticket.

  • Dave Dyson
    Community Moderator

    There is a Due Time (paid) app in the Zendesk Marketplace that adds the ability to set a due time in addition to the due date of a Task ticket: 

    Due Time


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