Zendesk Query Language (ZQL) to create queries in Explore

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  • CJ Johnson

    +1 from me, I would LOVE this. I had an epiphany recently, around understanding why it works the way it does recently and I'm just dying that I cannot make Explore use INNER JOINs in places where it is doing OUTER LEFT JOINs, which is why my reports are constantly timing out and becoming huge when they shouldn't be at all. 

    This would also be an education short cut -- folks who know SQL wouldn't need to learn how to setup metric filtering, or sorting, or all kinds of features that can be difficult to find and select the way you want, because they likely already know how to do that with SQL directly. And when things like group names change, it'd be a find and replace task, not selecting drop downs in filters manually. 

    One thing that might help you in the short term -- The nice to have feature you mention, is already a feature! It's buried in the SQL options under the Result Manipulation tab. At the bottom of the SQL options is your query written out in Zendesk's BIMESQL: 

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Daniel Dobrzensky thank you for this feature request. It is interesting to hear a savvy user's perspective.

    We are working on a new reporting experience that will make data exploration a quicker and more pleasant process. The plan is to introduce a feature that will allow switching between auto-load to manul-load of the queries. You'll hear more about this project next year.

    We are not planning to introduce the SQL querying experience at this stage. The vast majority of Zendesk customers are not fluent in SQL that's why we are working on improving the core point-and-click experience first.

    Meanwhile, if you want to avoid the report loading when you add attributes and metrics to it you can use this trick: https://share.getcloudapp.com/E0uo5zx6


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