Custom Roles in Explore

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  • Kris
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1. We currently use the underlying tags for this, but having the roles available directly would be cleaner. 

  • Stephen

    +1 - this would definitely help in gathering some insights on how are Light Agents are using Zendesk.

  • Anna Billings

    We have a lot of Light Agents in our org and I'd love to be able to exclude them from our reports more easily. Currently it's very labor intensive to make sure they're left out of reporting.

  • Mike Larsen

    Light Agents and Full Agents are different enough - very different actually. It seems incomplete to only report and filter on admin, agent, end user. We have a need to separate Light Agents from other agents in reporting in Explore.

    And while we are discussing Light Agents... It would also be a nice feature to be able to create and name multiple roles which are each Light Agents. Each role could have the same permissions (so as to honor the seat type of the Light Agent and its limits relative to a full agent).  For instance, we might have two full agent roles which are identical but are named differently and collect cohorts of agents - we cannot do the same for Light Agents. So all Light Agents are in the same role. Permissioning is usually okay, but organizing agents is limited. But there are a few permissions for Light Agents (tickets they can access, manage suspended tickets, reports permissions) which, for a large support team like ours, might be better to NOT apply universally. In other words, one cohort of agents might need reports access while another should not have no reports access.


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