Reporting for custom API/webhook integration

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  • Julio H
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Malisa,
    Thank you for this post. 

    I understand that you remove and add tags depending on the communication channel. 

    Unfortunately, there is not a direct way to report on comment channel, currently, you can report on ticket channel. 

    The only thing I can think of, will be to leave a tag on the ticket to identify those tickets with email and SMS communications. You can have tags for reporting and tags to remove and add for the webhook/trigger to work. 

    This only allows you to see tickets with those tags, you can create this recipe: Explore recipe: Agent interactions on tickets – that -that you can adapt from, but you can follow the same logic. 

    Now, in order to get only tickets with public comments containing those tags, you can add the attribute ticket tags as a filter to filter comments from those tags. 

    Please make sure to filter the updater role to (Admin or agent) to ensure that you are only looking at replies from your team and not including end user. 

    In any case, this only will work if there are active tags to identify tickets with communication via SMS and via email. For more information: Reporting with tags 

    Then to drill in those results to check the ticket ID, you can follow these steps: Using drill in to refine your reports

    I hope it helps! 

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