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    Hi peter,

    Look at this link, the url is well defined there:

    Normally it's more like:


  • Sebastiaan (Sparkly ⭐)
    Community Moderator

    Hey Pete,

    What are you trying to retrieve? Because there's no incremental export on requests, but there are a couple of incremental export on tickets:

    But I guess you're trying to achieve something else.

  • Peter Brown

    Hi Serge and Sebastiaan.

    Thank you very much for your quick responses. Apologies for not responding sooner but I have been side-tracked with other issues.

    I have been tasked with retrieving User, Request and Ticket data from Zendesk so we can report on customer engagement.

    I have the incremental Ticket export API working fine with the incremental export but I am having problems with the Users and Request API’s

    For Tickets, the documentation states "the API compares the start_time with the ticket's generated_timestamp" which is fine for Tickets but it is not available in the Users and Request responses.

    If there is no "generated_timestamp" then what do I use for time based incremental exports? The only dates in the response for Users and Request are “created_at” and “updated_at”.

    The API request for users is “/api/v2/incremental/users?start_time={start_time}”

    So what do I use for “{start_time}”?

    Many thanks for assistance



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