Clarity on Live Chat vs. Messaging re: session-based vs. persistent conversations

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  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hi Maddie F.,

    This answer is based on my understanding as a fellow user. Hope it helps clarify things:

    Both articles are correct. They refer to two different concepts that may be confused.

    The session-based option in the first article refers to conversation history of unauthenticated end user. It enables admins to persist or not persist conversation history from the same device (the same browser session to be precise). So when an end user closes and reopens the window, the admin decides whether they can continue the conversation or be greeted as a new user.

    But even if the conversation persists (for authenticated users or as configured by admin for unauthenticated users), it is definitely possible for agents to end conversations and allow any new message by end user to trigger the start of your flow. This is done by closing the ticket, which can only be done via a trigger. The most common approach is utilising a macro that solves a ticket and adds a certain tag. As well as a trigger that immediately closes those tagged tickets when solved.

    From end user perspective with persistent conversation, it will all append the same conversation whether they are talking to a bot, to a human in a single ticket ticket, or to various bot/tickets handovers.

    Lastly, if you wish to replicate Zendesk Support, you will need Sunshine Conversations. They use a feature called multi-party conversation that allows multiple conversations to be initiated with the same end user. See this community post here:


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