How can I customize the forms used in the Web Widget?


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  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hi mfg,

    You can use the Web Widget Classic JavaScript API to display a subset of your end-user-editable ticket forms. Sample code snippets are provided in the documentation, so it should be an easy enough task when you are embedding the widget on your website. Remember to add the code snippet before the widget script tag that you obtain from admin center.

    To do the same in your help center, you would need to disable the option to Automatically add the Web Widget to your Help Center. Then, add the scripts for the settings and the actual widget manually to the theme code in its header.

    Hope that helps.

  • mfg

    Ahmed Zaid - it looks like this solution presents the same weakness as the one used on the standard form page - hard-coding form IDs into on-page assets. It seems like this is also the same method -  rather than displaying a subset, it is hiding designated forms by ID.

    This solution seems less flexible than assigning a form to a brand or other soft-coding. We've also had mixed results with the JavaScript where sometimes it works, sometimes external users see internal-only forms.


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