Webhook for slack returns error 400 no_text

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  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hey Daniel,
    I'm not super familiar with the Slack API so I'm not too sure what could be the cause off the top of my head. It could potentially be that the request body is not formatted in a way that the Slack API is expecting. Could you share the endpoint you're hitting on Slack's end so I can take a look at their documentation?
  • Dan Moore


    We had a similar issue.  The problem was that the integration was using the SSO credentials for both Zendesk and Slack.  IT had set the SSO credentials for the integration with slack to the IT credentials.  Once IT provided the correct access, we were able to use the webhook appropriately. 

    If the integration is using another authentication method, such as API Key, we have had an experience in the past where only the person that setup the application had access.  This was resolved by setting up a group and limiting the application to users in that group.  Then we added all the users that wanted needed slack into that group.  I don't know why this is, possibly a bug, but it resolved the problem.  

    As a troubleshooting method, you can go to Admin Center > API > and review the logs to see what is causing the problem.

    We switched our access to us the app Get customer support in any channel with Zendesk + Slack

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