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  • Yannick van den Bergen

    +1 related to 2. Comment box at top vs bottom;

    For channels like FB, SMS where usually quite short messages are sent the comment-box at the bottom is fine since the entire message will directly be visible on the page.

    But when receiving long emails / mails with big signatures / mails where the formatting is incorrect (ie. when the entire emailchain is in there instead of just the last response) you have to keep on scrolling up to search what the last message was, where at first (without agent workspace) we would at first glance see the last response since it was always at the top and directly visible upon opening a ticket. 

    For now we have disabled the agent workspace again so that we can keep the comment box on top. 

  • Vasil Kolev

    The composer box being on the bottom for us is becoming a deal-breaker, as this way you lose focus on all the context that's on top (requester, organization, etc.). Having the compose box on top and the newest messages on top was one of the things the classic interface got really right and I'd love to have again.

  • Daniel Hart

    As many have mentioned already, when dealing with longer emails in Zendesk Support, having the reply/comment field at the bottom is a major pain. Having it at the top like the older view, but separated from the previous ticket replies, so you can scroll the previous replies but still have the reply/comment field at the top visible would be so much more intuitive.

    Understand you have tried to mimic what social media apps are currently doing, but for short messaging, this is fine, for support tickets with lots of information, it just feels wrong.

  • Kirsten Walton

    Another vote for putting this back. It really is a deal breaker of a change. We communicate with our customers by email. We're not concerned about SMS, chat, etc.

    The composer box, combined with the new sorting of replies, is absolutely awful. When trying to compose replies, we can't see the customer's actual email. We can only see their signature, unless we go back and scroll. Previously, the customer's email was clearly visible below the composer box. If we do scroll to view the customer's reply (which we shouldn't have to do anyway), it disappears again while we type the response, as the composer box expands. So we're back to scrolling again. Constant interruption of the natural workflow.

    Then there's the email address - it's gone from the top of the ticket view. We need this clearly visible - what was the point in removing this? Who does it help?

    At the end of the day, would it be so difficult to give your customers the option to choose how replies are sorted, and to choose things like where the composer box appears and whether it's fixed/expandable? These are really basic things. Imposing these changes has negatively impacted us, and for no good reason.

  • Gail Des Jardin

    Has Zendesk made any progress towards making the location of the composer (comment box) configurable? Similar to others, we are B2B, and have no need to connect to social media chat options. The new location makes Zendesk more difficult to use, and may be enough of an impediment that we'll have to start looking at other support tools.

  • Khajik Khajadourian

    +1 to this. This makes it harder for our agents to read and understand interactions. 

  • Maik Künnemann

    There are any news about a config to have the editor on top and the comments ordered the same way as in the default old UI? The new ordering and the moved editor to the bottom are currently the obstacle to switch to the new agent wokspace. The new agent workspace is simply not suitable for main B2B email communication. See also the comments from here:

  • Marko Lukač


    My organization also uses Zendesk for B2B support and the only channel we use is email. We would also appreciate to have the option for a more "email-like" flow of communication in a ticket, which is oldest messages on the bottom, newest at the top, with the composer at the top.

    This is a very natural UI setup for anyone that primarily relies on emails, and the new agent workspace layout is not great for us, and might make us look for other ticketing system options.

    Some of the other features of agent workspace are great, but this one really makes our jobs more difficult.

  • Tiffany Craig

    Another request begging for the classic Agent Workspace to come back. We only use Support with the email channel and the comment box being on the bottom makes the ZenDesk web UI almost useless. We're relying on email chains in Outlook to track tickets which honestly takes away from the need for a help desk system. 


  • Michael M. Adams

    We also only use email channel and wouldn’t switch to the new UI as long as the reply box is at the bottom.

  • Justine

    Our customers use mainly email to correspond so we really need a layout that makes reading emails easy. This layout as if we are chatting on a mobile phone is frustrating and difficult and does not suit our business needs. I would of thought there would be an option to use the interface in a way that serves the business. The tiny chat box at the bottom of the screen is terrible for composing emails 

  • Monica

    3. Comments / replies to be separated with dividing line

    Commenting to add support for this design returning. Looking forward that improvement.

  • Kilian

    Regarding new Agent Workspace issues there is another request I want to share here: 

    New agent workspace, Long emails / signatures

    I have a question since I have read that some of you already switched back to the old workspace: Will this "old workspace" be supported in the future? We only use Zendesk in B to B environment and communicate mainly via email. Therefore, the new agent workspace is uncomfortable.

  • Lex Stewart

    Our organization primarily interacts with our customers and partners via email and I too would like to voice this change as an impediment and makes things cumbersome. In general it also appears there are now more clicks involved to reach certain functions, for example Internal/Public Reply is now a menu drop down rather that an instance selection. We've now gone from a single click to two! I would prefer an option to revert to the classic view.

  • Jarad Garlesky

    This was the worst change ever

  • Andy

    Using the new workspace is like writing emails through a letterbox. We've started to look for a new helpdesk provider.

  • Maxine Levine

    +1 to the reply/comment box being at the bottom of the page instead of the top. It's the major issue my team has with the new agent workspace.

  • Vasil Kolev

    To add, following on a unanimous request from my whole team, we've reverted to the classic view, as people are finding the "agent workspaces" too cumbersome to use.

  • Jimmy Rufo
    Zendesk Luminary

    My organization has been unwilling to even try the Agent Workspace due to the horror stories brought up in this thread, and the features we read about.  The composer box location and order of the communication thread are also very important to us.  I'd prefer Zendesk not try to fix something that is not even broken, and clearly causing some pain to other customers.  I'm willing to meet 1:1 as well if only just to discuss the importance of the classic features we use today.

  • Gail Des Jardin

    I would agree that resolving this issue remains a top priority, especially since Zendesk is systematically removing existing features in an effort to pressure customers to migrate to the new Agent Workspace (which is very disappointing).

  • Mirva J

    We are forced to postpone moving to an agent workspace because of this non-suitable UI. Looking forward to having an option to view ticket conversation as it is in the default old UI.

  • Driesen, Christian

    We were just transferred to the "agent workspace" and we have the same problem here. It is absolutely confusing seeing email threads in wrong chronological order. While the newest message is on top, the comment box is on the bottom. Even worse, older messages appear next to the comment box - it is so confusing for every agent, especially when the conversation got long. 

    I see that this thread here is fairly old and Zendesk did not change anything. Wouldn't it be a nice feature, if we could decide ourselves, where to put the comment box? 

  • Carlos Cruz

    Has this been addressed? We are receiving the automatic switch to Agent Workspace and been a B2B, the latest post I seen (a button that jumps to the thread but not actually to the start of it) seems more like a patch than an actual fix. 

  • Sam Woodfield

    Just checking in on Lauren Slack-Chen's comment as it is now mid 2022.

  • Tony Jansson

    Soon we are forced over to the Work Space (late September), and this pain point discussed here is what makes us hope it is fixed before the forced change is set in place.

    Nice to see that Zendesk is looking at this though, and crossing the fingers for a good solution to come. We are not using chat and talks today and are afraid how this change with focus on chat and talks will inpact our workflow.

  • Jarad Garlesky

    Somehow we turned it on and 30 min later we turned it back off

  • Chandra Mullineaux

    We cannot migrate to Agent Workspace until we are able to move the content box and most recent message back up to the top. 99% of our ticket volume is via email. We give our customers the option to use chat, but the majority of the requests are too complicated to be handled that way.

  • Jarad Garlesky

    We do not use chat yet but we still would have wanted the most recent comment up at the top

  • Jacques Abecassis

    Is this still an active issue? Reluctant to try if these haven't been fixed.

  • h_sz_ke

    New update is horrible.

    Smaller box for replies. Why I cannot return back old sorting order? Writing a reply in this small box is extremely frustrating.

    We use only "public reply", and "internal reply", now we have to choose from dropdown where is another choose "call" also.

    Right side we use custom apps, what has now also smaller place because of three unneeded icons at right. It is a nightmare!

    It is simply horrible change. We are also looking for other helpdesk provider.



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