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  • Martin Cubitt



  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for taking the time to type up this feedback, Brian!

    Martin, do you have any additional details or anything you can share about your use-case to help the product manager understand the issue? 

  • Josh


  • Franz Lange

    We work with certain groups within our team: business support and field service, for example. We currently have to mention each name individually. If we had the option to mention @FieldService, it would make our work easier because we would know that we are reaching all staff members who are within that group.

    So +1.

  • Stephen Belleau
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    Franz Lange Of course this would be ideal to have natively, but in the meantime, perhaps you can build this yourself via trigger? If internal comment is added, and comment contains the word/string "@FieldService" then notify the group. (perhaps use macros to make sure nobody mistypes it)

  • Amie Brennan

    +1 on this one. Would be very handy to @mention a group so then any agent within that group is notified of the mention to then look at the ticket from there

  • Christopher Boerger


  • Rafael Santos
    User Group Leader

    Child-ticket Side-conversations assigned to the needed group would address the Consultation use case.
    These can then be filtered in Business Rules by their own channel "Side-conversations", having their own SLA, and allowing you to keep the original ticket's group ownership while waiting for an update.

  • Deiaa Eid



  • mfg

    +1 for cross-group collaboration

    This would also be a helpful way of granting a group access to a ticket in a group they don't belong to. We have 4 groups with very similar sometimes overlapping tickets that need to be coordinated across.

    While a side conversation ticket could be used, this is unnecessarily complicated if there are multiple teams working concurrently that need to see each other's input (ie. account management, IT, and the customer support person working out an invoicing issue).



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