Add categories (subviews, dropdown view) function to Views

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    Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all - 

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Improvements to Views are clearly important to many people, and I wanted to let you know that both increasing the number of Views and adding categories to Views is on our roadmap.

    Before we can implement these changes, however, there is some complex and time-consuming work we have to do in order to update the infrastructure to allow for this functionality. This work is crucial and needed before we make the UI modifications. 

    Our ultimate goal is to provide easy access to more than 20 Views in the Views side panel, as well as adding categorization to help you organize your Views. 

    I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time to see this happen, and I want to be fully transparent - we still have a lot to do before we will be able to roll this out. I don’t expect this functionality to be completed for many months yet.

    We will continue to provide updates as we are able.

    Thank you for the feedback you have shared and for your participation in the Zendesk Community.

  • Sadie S

    Bravo!  This is exactly what ZenDesk needs

  • Fernando Garcez

    Completely agree! This is such a basic thing, I shouldn't be needing to pay a third party app for that.

  • Jordan Moore


    New customer here...limiting us to only 12 visible views is a MAJOR challenge from an administration standpoint. We have team members who are team leads / managers / directors / admins, that need to have oversight with multiple views in order to view assignee group work queue volumes. 

    Realistically, for each assignee group, team members need to see a view for unassigned, open, and closed. We have 9 assignee groups, so that is 27 view combinations. Worst yet, you all do not have an option to view them all in any capacity. This is a ticketing system 101 feature. You are already using navigation collapse and expand objects in the left-hand nav screen in the Admin section of it exists. Just make the object available to the views section.

    This enhancement already has 111 many more does it need before it will be prioritized???

    Our organization is not buying another 3rd party app to replace functionality that SHOULD be in here already natively. Can we place get this prioritized. This creates a huge challenge for us to manage our span of assignee groups and severely limits the scale we can grow in Zendesk. We're halting adding other departments and another 20+ licences just because Zendesk is creating a limiting box for us to grow our enterprise in.  

  • Sean McKeever

    This for sure is a Zendesk Darling that needs some serious help.  

  • Permanently deleted user

    I'm scared to read Zendesk's moderators or members answers. What kind of technical debt is this to take obviously 10 months "just to" prompt more views? I agree with the comment that says there are 2 different subjects,. Solving the first one which is increasing the number of views with a single level should be a quick win, not a 10 months issue. 

    I think I'm getting used to this, every time I face a problem, I read a X months old article with the same kind of answers. I'd like to see how looks the roadmap as it seems a lot of things are in it.

  • Jay Dunbar

    I've used Zendesk for a decade and like other's who have expressed their dissatisfaction with this still not being done, it's time I expressed mine. I think the Zendesk product team is missing a number of key points, or the money brought in from the makers of Quickie and Lovely is more than the company can part with... Either way, guys, it's been 10 years, can this please finally get done. You set a limit of 12 views, system have the ability to undo this.  You have at least 5 vendors who have cracked the code and created apps to get around this. These apps are ok, I have tested and used all of them over the years, but they have their limitations as well. The fix to this may not be trivial, but it sure as heck can't be a decade long venture either. I have recommended and implemented your product for 5 companies as a direct employee and countless others as a consultant. I have been a product manager, I know these things can be challenging but I would never let a key thing like this lag for so long. If you have teams that are multilingual, leverage the Mutlibrand concept, or have more than 2 departments this is one of the biggest pain points and to be honest makes as system like Freshdesk look move viable. You are better than this. I am happy to discuss/help if I can, please feel free to reach out. 

  • Jan Urban

    Hi all,

    we were a new customer, but we left because of this issue. 3rd party apps cannot replace what should be included within the core system. We could not properly handle 6 different customer support languages and several departments with Zendesk. Sad to see this being ignored and not implemented. 




  • Sagi Mitrany Welzman

    Im all in 👍

  • Jane Sullivan

    Hi Zendesk team.  Do you have an update on the progress of this work please?

  • Antoine Legardinier

    Hello. This feature is absolutely essential. Any news ?

  • Nathan Purcell

    I've been told that this feature may arrive in Q1 2023. 

    I hope everyone is remembering to upvote the post as that seems to be the only metric Zendesk use when deciding whether or not they'll add these features. 

    Callout to Zendesk (again) that this is a bad approach to handling feature requests. 

  • CJ Johnson

    No, not at all.This filter feature doesn't resolve any of the issues of the limited number of views that we have. It also introduces more problems by making it easier for agents to cherry pick tickets in views. 

    You cannot filter by language. You cannot filter by channel. You cannot filter by form. These are three of the four examples of things that sub-categories for views would be helpful for from the person who posted this request. The filter feature has no capability to do any of this. 

  • Kai B

    Adding my voice to the request for this. Being able to categorise and see all the relevant views for our workflows would be absolutely invaluable for us. At the moment we are having to look for complex workarounds and custom fields to group within a view so that tickets can be worked, which decreases efficiency in both the operations and development teams. Paying for an app is not an option on top of the subscription we already have with Zendesk, and paid for apps can't be the solution for everything because it reduces the benefit of having Zendesk as a solution across our workspace. 

  • Eckhard Doll

    I agree but I doubt that this will ever happen if even increasing the maximum view count seems to be impossible to do.

  • Amber Barnes

    Yes I love this solution. Categories were helpful with triggers so this solution is right up to par with that.

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Hi Daniel, to be clear, Community Moderators (like me) are not ZD employees, just experienced users who help out when we can, but have no inside info about product roadmaps.

  • Tim Hughes

    Very much needed

  • Alexandre GIRAUD

    Hi, yes really need this ! A must have ! When ? when ? :)

  • Mattias Paul

    Hi! Tomas Vaitkevicius
    Is there any news or progress on this since last year?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Kai Schmitte

    Jonathan March: No, this is not half-way what I need. 

    The views are a 1-click solution to see a specific set of tickets. Searching through a view is just refining this specific view. 

  • CJ Johnson

    @... Could you provide an update on the feature requested in this thread? I've been told for a whole year now that it was definitely coming early Q1, then Q2, then Q3, and now that we're in Q3, I've been unable to get any replies at all about the potential timeline. This makes it very difficult to do internal planning and project mapping. Is there still a plan to increase the number of views? 

  • Ben Wilcox

    Totally agree with Kal Bentley's remark.  I would add, in addition, that the 'reliance' on third party apps to do what Zendesk should do natively has a performance impact I don't see discussed much, so I'll throw it in here.  I've noticed many times that my 3rd party apps slow my instance down in screen loading time.  I'd prefer to not rely on additional data transfers with external entities just to do what Zendesk should do by itself.

  • Jordan Moore

    Is this ever going to show up on the roadmap? We're paying for a third party app for a feature that SHOULD have been native in ZD from day one. We have 100+ views that are all necessary (especially when you have multiple assignee groups). This has been one of the most frustrating limitations in ZD. People have been asking for this for YEARS. Put it on the road map already.

  • David Rowe

    Yes please, additional views / categories of views would be hugely beneficial in my opinion 

  • Serena De Biasi

    Absolutely voted

  • Ana

    Please do implement this Zendesk!

  • Kris

    Please we need this!

  • Marek Jaworski


  • Nathan Purcell

    @... thanks for the update. Good to see some movement is planned but, with respect, I think you're making a mistake combining these two tasks. To increase the number of available views is so trivial, it's laughable. 

    Grouping views is a great feature (and one that IS worth waiting months for) but combining it with another feature adds a layer of complexity that will only prove to delay a massive quick win. 

    I hope the product team are able to see and understand this so that we don't have to wait months for something incredibly simple. 



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