Updated article sorting when adding a hyperlink

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  • Ad Astra Support

    Hi @...

    I agree with you that this was previously the behavior, however, I noticed the change well over 6 months ago. I find it bothersome as well so I just open the article I want to link to and copy the title and use it in the search for the article I want to link to. 

    It's not much but that's my tip.


  • Maddy Bloomer

    Hi @..., thanks for confirming that you experienced the same change in behavior and the general timeframe in which this happened! I know there are definitely some workarounds to this issue, but it's still time-consuming and frustrating that we have to use workarounds when they could update the UX to reflect the previous, more user-friendly experience.

    Again, I'll admit that I should have contacted their Support team when I first noticed this issue, but I had lost confidence in their ability to respond in a timely manner. It looks like that has since changed, so if you could open a ticket with them and confirm that the UX was updated to be less user-friendly, I'd appreciate it!

    If enough people reach out about this issue, it may help convince them that this is a bug worth prioritizing. (If you do open a ticket, not sure if it's worth including, but it may be good to mention this post and my original ticket #6784982 for context.)

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Hey all!

    I had reached out to Zendesk regarding this and they have let me know they have updated the functionality:

    "The expected behavior now is that article recommendations will be sorted based on the latest "updated at" date if there are no search criteria - and if search criteria are introduced, article recommendations will be sorted based on their "relevance" on the search criteria"

  • Maddy Bloomer

    Hi @..., thanks for your response! The experience you're describing is exactly how it used to be, which was supposedly unintended in the first place, according to the support agent I spoke with. Thankfully, after several (frankly demanding) emails to the agent, this issue was further investigated and fixed as of a few weeks ago. Very pleased that the experience was updated to work as it did previously, as it's much more accommodating to my workflow (and I'm sure many others')!



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