New Feature Request:Link to multiple JIRA instances

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  • John Kaczala

    hi, any updates/progress on this feature? as Dan Ross said above, we have multiple Zendesk and multiple Jira instances and are looking to consolidate on both ends, but this feature would be very useful as we do so. Any plans to release it?

  • Gaganreet Singh

    In our organization, we have more than two JIRA instances, and need to be linked to our Zendesk account. Please add this new feature.


    Is it on roadmap?

  • Konstantin

    I am also interested in the Jira sidebar app being able to connect to multiple Jira instance.


    My company was bought by another company; The parent company and several of the children companies all have Jira. With our Support team needing to communicate with teams across various Jira instances, it would be nice if they could use the sidebar app to accomplish this. If not through a single sidebar app, then possibly have the ability to install multiple instances of the sidebar app to connect to the various instances, and have a way to label each sidebar app with the instance it is connected to.



  • Gabriela Manarim

    I have 2 instances on Zendesk and one of them is already integrated on our jira account, however, we'd like to connect the new instance with the same jira account we have.


  • Jimmy Long

    We have two JIRA instances that we would like to connect to the same Zendesk.  One is for internal users, one is to connect with external users.  We would like to sync them to the same Zendesk in order to improve our efficiency handling cases and communicating with clients.  Thank you!



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