[Closed for comments] Add or Edit Tags on Closed tickets

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  • Jüri Tarkpea

    I must add +1 to this request here. When we started working with Zendesk, I really did not urge support people to start tagging tickets because "we would know better how to do it after 100th ticket or so". Now I would like to go through all tickets (about ~150 of them) and tag them but some of them are closed and I cannot edit the information. Any good practices in such case?

  • Byron Patrick

    It would be nice at least to simply purge an entire tag in one swoop. We are finally tryign to levage tags but now I have tons of irrelevant automated tags that are getting in the way...

  • Chris Rosenbaum

    Seems like kind of a silly policy, since they are our customers' tickets in our service desk, as an end-user company.  I can't imagine it's a huge engineering issue since closed is just a state of a ticket which would otherwise be editable, so it is just a storage or policy thing. Could make it just available to admins.

    This handicaps our ability to have better historical reporting and to add value to past experiences. This also prohibits the benefits of Zendesk feature additions to be extended backward. Also would be useful in cases of employee turnover, since it seems you cannot change the primary email of an account.

  • Mustafa Deliveli

    Happy 10-year anniversary :)

  • Jeff McDonald

    Me too. We're just getting our act together with tags and topics, and it would be nice to be able to go back in time and tag old tickets and/or turn them into forum topics via the standard interface.

    Priority: Nice to have

  • RickBrock

    I'm also running into the issue where I need to add tags to older closed tickets.  As an example, over the last several months I've had several users report issues with their LCD laptop monitors.  As each issue came into the help desk I tagged them with different tags, but then after a few months I recognized a common trend in these tickets and wanted to go back and tag all the related tickets with a "lcd_lamp" tag.  I need the ability to do this so I can keep a running list of how many tickets I've had that were related to the LCD lamp problem.  I wasn't able to do this because some of the tickets were already closed.

  • Conrad Selle


  • Janaka Abeywardhana



    I need to make sure my stats are accurate. Some times agents add the wrong tag etc. so at the end of the month i need to run through the list of tickets and remove the certain tags.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Neill is right, we need more than just tag editing.

    Better yet, please consider making 'Can edit Closed tickets' a permission set for User Roles. There are users we would trust with this that would not necessarily be administrators in our system. 

    We have agents assigned to QA'ing agent tickets, if they could note compliance issues and fix issues with closed tickets, this would be better for our data quality. 


  • tom

    Amazing I just checked, I made a comment over a year ago on this and nothing changed. Anyway this is my last month with zendesk and switching to an alternative support platform - guess what you can edit tags on closed(archived) tickets. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t the only reason I moved over but the general trend I am seeing is that zendesk is purely placed for multinational companies with robotic-like customer service employees. They really don’t care for anyone else or want to implement any changes that would help, it’s perfect the way it is.... This, I imagine, is why there are so many new support platforms entering the space, start shopping around and you will find a better fit and a for a better price

  • Danny Sofer


  • Samuel Brazier


  • Lorna Fear

    Are we having fun (editing tags on closed tickets) yet?

  • Lewis Chilton

    I completely agree with Mike..

    considering the amount of comments on this post and how every company has the same problem of changing their tagging process or user error, this is clearly essential.

    For the half a day to days development it would take to implement this...your obviously costing yourselves money. You have probably spent half a day on this post itself.

    Seems clear it is just a typical stubborn developer mentality. How many clients do you need to loose before you implement this?

  • Judd Higgins

    We absolutely need this feature to be able to clean up tags and tickets assigned to the wrong group.  It is disappointing to see that this has been a Feature Request for over 10 years.

  • amy

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the feedback.  We've a similar discussion "Allow ability to reopen closed ticket" in https://support.zendesk.com/forums/1848/entries/57109, and I'm not sure what the team thinks about allowing the ability to edit closed tickets (even thou this is just asking for tags and not re-open).  Let me bring this up to them and see if they'd consider this.  I'll keep you guys updated.



    Zendesk Support

  • sun

    You most often realize only after the fact that there have been several tickets around a certain topic.

    Only by adding tags to already closed tickets, you're able to keep track of related tickets and take them into account in statistics.

  • sun

    Sleeping over this for some weeks, mayhaps this is a more compelling reason for you:

    1. Zendesk has that (very nice) auto-tagging feature, parsing and inheriting ticket tags from the textual content of a new ticket (when matching existing tags).
    2. After 1,000 tickets or so, you realize that it makes absolutely no sense to have each and every new ticket to be auto-tagged with common top keywords related to your successful business.  (In our case - shameless plug - that's "mollom" and "spam".)
    3. So you go ahead and remove those tags from all open tickets.
    4. Only to find out that new tickets are still getting tagged with those terms, because, you know, out of those 1,000 closed tickets, 999 have 'em, so they actually are the top tags that may match.  And after all, it surely and definitely makes sense to take tags of closed tickets into account, 'cos the topics of current tickets certainly vary over time.
    5. No matter how hard you try, the tags will re-appear.
    6. Stuck. ;)

    Obviously, you're going to consider plan B, "well, let's make a ticket tag blacklist then." — but even though that would resolve the sub-issue of auto-tagging new tickets, it's not necessarily and not really resolving the issue of having those tags appear in many other places, such as the nice little large tagcloud on the /tags page.

    To permanently and reliably remove unwanted tags, you want to remove them entirely.  And that inevitably means that the tags of closed issues need to be altered. :)

    Um.  Thanks for listening! ;)

  • Chris Johnson

    @ tom. Just out of curiosity, what system are you going to?  I really need a solution that allows me to  control what's in my tickets.  I don't have faith zendesk intends to actually do anything about this.

  • Lohith S

    +1, Its been there for the last 9 years and still if its not developed, I am doubtful if it will be taken up ?

    We have few customers data which has empty priority and need this to set a default priority for closed cases.

  • Bill Davis

    I agree, we have been using Zendesk since April 2010 and after 'Living' with our inital setup and configuration, our agents have provided valuable feedback on our setup and we have introduced new groupings and new custom fields. 

    We are looking for a way to update past tickets with the new field data to allow us to analyze the tickets using the new suggestions.  We are unable to update any closed tickets and therefor the ongoing analysis is invalid until we have a way to update the closed tickets.


    Is there any other way to update closed tickets in bulk to allow us to update these new or existing fields?

  • Conrad Selle

    Here's my business case for needing the ability to modify tags on closed tickets.  I personally don't care if this can be done within Zendesk, or somehow accomplished through flexibility in reporting the data (even if that's needing to use Gooddata - which I currently haven't figured out how to solve this yet using Gooddata).  I just simply NEED a solution, in order to support the reporting needs to my customers.

    The dilemma: Customer wants to see all tickets associated with a given product.  The products are tracked via tags in Zendesk.  Unfortunately, those tags may be entered in tickets differently by either our agents or Zendesk automatically (since I have auto tagging enabled).  This results in tags that need to be cleaned up and consolidated, specifically from closed tickets.

    The workaround: Export all ticket data and use Excel to manually modify field or tag content.  This workaround doesn't solve the problem of providing customers with up-to-date reports via Gooddata, which is what I'd like to have.  Instead, the best I can do is to manually build Excel reports and provide to customers.

    The solution: If I could at least add new tags to existing closed tickets without having to open a "follow-up" ticket, or modify newly added field values that didn't exist before...then I could create a "clean" customer report via Gooddata.

    Please don't tell me that Closed tickets can't be modified...because anyone can see and test this for themselves that proves otherwise.  Simply create a new ticket field under Manage -> Ticket Fields.  Any new fields added will then show up with blank values for all closed tickets.  Wouldn't it be nice to let us at least set the value of a new field for a closed ticket?

    I don't think this approach would infringe on any ITIL or Zentopian vision of the future, since it's not changing any existing data, only adding new information to existing data.

  • Jüri Tarkpea

    Today is the day when I needed to finally go through the tickets of year and a half and knowing that Zendesk is not ready to make it work in the app itself, I decided to export it all and do the necessary work in Excel (which, of course, is a nuisance).

    But there is no way of exporting the comments. Or at least the first or the last one.

    Come on guys. I am really surprised that people at Zendesk are not a) understanding the problem and b) helping with any tools to do it outside Zendesk. I just cannot do what I need to do. And this is not a rocket surgery, is it?

  • Bob Sherer

    Jake, while reading another feature request (reopening closed tickets) I saw that you are considering making closed tickets' tags editable or something.  You asked for cases where this would be helpful.  Here's mine.  Maybe you can migrate that discussion over here and change the status of this request.

    Our customers have the ability to change the name of their servers, which we manage.  They can create tickets from the server, which places the server name into the ticket.  We use the server name to look up support history for their servers via links from management forms on the server.  When they change the name of the server, it causes us to lose easy access to their old tickets.

    Today, I was searching for a way to go add the new name(s) to old tickets.  Tags would be fine if we could add them.

    Thanks for considering it.

  • Zendesk1

    Closed tickets needs to be editable in some way. Naff decision to not allow it :(

  • Jake Holman

    @Chris: While we may be able to do editing of tags further down the line, I'm afraid changing system fields such as ticket type will not be possible. 

  • Univa IT

    Just hit this issue trying to mass-import from another ticket system, and then deciding I need to change some tags.

  • Ches Spencer


    @Jake - The ability to add and remove tags from closed tickets would be an extremely useful feature to correct historical data for my company. This feature is a windfall for Zendesk customer satisfaction because it provides a flexibility for companies like mine who require metrics and reporting to justify new hires, which adds more seats in Zendesk. I excited to see this feature added to your road map as I know Zendesk is just as progressive as its user community.

  • Kevin Rocci

    Definitely a feature we need at our company: delete old, deprecated Tags from the database. A couple reasons:

    1. Things change and we need to be able to reflect this change in our data.

    2. If any Tag is accidentally misspelled or typed it enters the database FOREVER.

    3. We have confusion caused from mis-typing tags and from point 2. For example, we have a "not_reached_lesson" and "not_reached_lessons." There are many examples of this. We need to eliminate the inaccurate tag so that people answering tickets don't choose the wrong tag.

    We do not need to delete tags from old tickets, necessarily. We just need them to not show up when people start typing out a Tag. It adds a lot of confusion with them there and encourages errors, not prevent them.

  • Christopher Lasota

    ZenDesk, come on, make a move.

    Ummm, No. You say you are new so allow me to fill you in on something. Zendesk has no interest in allowing you to do anything with closed tickets. They worship at the alter of ITIL. The needs of the customer come second. 




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