Notify Side conversation recipient through Automations

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  • Jamie Noell

    We have a similar need to resend a Side Conversation if there has not been a response via an automation just as we do a pending ticket's public reply.

  • Martina Kulik

    Same need here. Any ideas for a workaround?


  • Katie Sullivan

    Please let me know if anyone has found a workaround for this, or if this is a planned Zendesk feature. We want to be able to automate followups on side conversations

  • Thomas Lang

    Looking for this as well, did anyone find a workaround for this?


  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    Would be helpful for us as well!

  • Max

    That would be SO useful for us as well !

    We didn't find any workaround except creating a child ticket instead of email.. (assigned to yourself then changing the requester). Not ideal.



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