first reply time - first answer is not a public comment but a call

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  • Taylor Wilson

    +1 - !00% agree with this suggestion and we could really use this functionality!

  • Greer Davis

    We also need this functionality. We use an answering service for low volume times, and we expect our agents to call the user back. We may be on the phone with the user for a few minutes, and then spend another not insignificant amount of time writing a follow up response to "count" our first reply time. But really, we replied as soon as we called back. There seemed to have been a way to do this in Insights (which we never used) and there doesn't seem to be a way to do this in Explore. If there's not a way to track this, is the suggestion to send the user an initial informationless email just to "stop the clock" on FRT so we can get a more accurate measure? Do we have to create a bunch of extra custom fields for this so we can track those instead?

  • mfg

    Similarly, i'd like to add side conversation as a way of measuring first reply.

  • Quinn McHugh

    Same here. :( This functionality is needed.



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