Multiple values as condition in order to reveal a field

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  • Kristian Tungland

    I guess you are taking about a ticket field with "multi-select" function. Seems like that is not a supported field with the use of conditions. See thread here.

  • Alison Cook

    Handy Andy ;) Do you mean the ability to do: if Ticket field value 1 is selected by an agent AND another Ticket Field value 2 is selected by agent THEN show Ticket field? If so, 1000x votes on that.

  • Zach SK

    +1000x (as well) to this!

    Utilizing multiple conditions would greatly alleviate pain points with cross-team collaboration on some of my workflows.

  • Jake Warren

    I think there are some different interpretations on this request. The way I interpreted this, and using the Requester field as an example, would be:

    In a condition setup, I want to say "Requester" as the field, "contains" is the logic, and the values can be "Name 1, Name 2, Name 3". 

    This makes it to where I don't have to put 3 different conditions for Requester in the "meet any of these conditions" section. Not sure if there is a condition limitation, if there is I haven't hit it yet, but if there is this would be a huge help. I set up triggers to notify CSMs on ticket creation for their organizations they oversee and some of them have a lot, so I'm having to add a condition for every organization. This would allow me to handle it all in a single condition.

  • Zach SK

    Jake Warren, that would be a nice addition as well, in regards to trigger/automation conditions.


    However, I believe the original post (and what I am in support of) is in regards to conditional ticket fields (which requester cannot be used for). Currently, ticket fields can only be associated with 1 condition..

    An example of how this currently operates would be:

    • if ticket_field_a value = "123" SHOW ticket_field_c

    An example of multiple conditions would be:

    • if ticket_field_a value = "123" AND ticket_field_b = "456" SHOW ticket_field_c
  • Jake Warren

    Zach SK - I get it now, yeah you're right. I stumbled across this feedback when searching for what I outlined, but can't find anything directly tied to it. Every time I try to search for it I come across something related to the multi-select field type, which isn't what I'm looking for.

  • Bobby Koch
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1, stumbled upon this one today. 

  • mfg


  • Dawn Carver

    We need this capability as well! I need to be able to have multiple conditions that are true and make another field visible and required for that ticket.

  • Stephen

    +1 this would be a fantastic feature - it would add a layer of complexity to creating / maintaining Ticket Forms, but also allow deeper levels of control to Admin's in building more complex workflows for teams.

  • Rich Herbert - Comcast HR

    +1  definitely could use this

  • Nathan Watts

    Upvoting this post as well.  Definitely a feature that would improve our environment.

  • Asaf Max

    Upvoted. This would be very beneficial in restricting fields displayed for the forms.

  • Zach SK

    For anyone who is looking for the functionality described in the original comment, two things you need to utilize are hidden fields and triggers. While there are a multitude of apps that can provide the functionality to hide fields, I am currently running the solution outlined below with Zendesk's own "Ticket Field Manager" app.

    Instead of setting conditions to show fields based on multiple conditions, you set those fields to show based off the condition of a hidden field. For my example I'll explain using the example of a hidden drop-down field: "Internal Team"

    Start by building triggers:
    Meet ALL Conditions:

    • "Issue" field = A
    • "Reason" field = B

    Meet ANY Conditions:

    • Ticket is Created
    • Ticket is Updated


    • set "Internal Team" field = Team A


    Rinse and repeat for all your workflows based off of "Internal Team" field...

    Next, go to your ticket form conditions and show desired fields based off of the value of the "Internal Team" field.

    I typically run this flow with checkbox and boolean drop-down fields but you can certainly stretch this as far as you need to, should you have the patience and bandwidth.



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